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*Our inventory is always changing! Please contact us to inquire about any other paddles by the brands you see below.


Epic (USA):

Epic Mid Wing (full carbon) - $575


Stable, smooth and powerful, the Epic Mid Wing will have you paddling farther and faster; at home in the hands of champion racers, world class expedition paddlers and your local paddling club. Comes standard with Epic’s Length-Lock 2™ adjustable ferrule technology.


Lengths: 205-215cm, 210-220cm, 215-225cm

Weight: 24oz

Epic Small Mid Wing (full carbon) - $575


The Small Mid Wing paddle is based on Epic's award winning Mid Wing, with a 2% reduced surface area. This slightly trimmed-down design has broadened the appeal of the wing paddle, making it ideal for smaller paddlers, cruisers and racers paddling long distances.


Length: 210-220cm

Weight: 23oz


Kajner (Hungary):

Kajner 1 - $485 (size XS-L)


The Kajner 1 is longer and narrower than traditional 'tear-drop' paddles, allowing it to reach deeper into the water for constant power during the entire length of a stroke. This design also gives the paddler easy catch and exit. Ideal for both amateur and competitive paddlers.


Weight: 740-790g (26-28oz)

Kajner 2 - $485 (size M-XL)


Based on the Kajner 4, this paddle retains its positive characteristics but uses more of 'a 'tear-drop shape for a powerful, strong catch and clean exit. The blade is fitted into the shaft. Recommended for paddlers with powerful and dynamic strokes.


Weight: 650-710g (23-25oz)

Kajner 3 - $485 (size S-XL)


The Kajner 3 provides an easy catch but requires a strong pull throughout the power phase of the stroke. This allows the paddler to enjoy fast and dynamic strokes. The Kajner 3 is recommended for competitive paddlers. 


Weight: 650-730g (23-26oz)

Kajner 4 - $485 (size S-XL)


Kajner's most popular shape, the Kajner 4's 'tear-drop' shape provides strong and powerful catches and clean exits. This model is ideal for sprint and marathon racing for any type of competitor.


Weight: 580-790g (20-28oz)