Kayak Sport Canada supplies quality equipment for Sprint, Marathon, Surfski, Outrigger, SUP, Dragon and Expedition paddlers. Offering the very best products, expert service and advice.

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"I have been kayaking for a couple of summers and I was incredibly fortunate to have met Mike Fekete who had worked with paracanoeists and kayakers. His creative and problem-solving ideas are extremely helpful. His energy, and enthusiasm for the sport, and for fitness in general, are definitely inspiring."

-Jackie Mitchell


"I received excellent customer service with tips from Mike Fekete on training programs and product support. All of my water sport equipment needs were readily available at Kayak Sport Canada. The service I received was superior and I recommend anyone to shop there first before going to any other sports shop."

-Dennis Fosseneuve


"I have known Mike Fekete and his company Kayak Sport for almost 10 years. As a repeat customer of Kayak Sport's products, I am always impressed with the quality and value. When you add the knowledge and guidance that Mike Fekete provides you get a customer who made the right product decision for his skill level."

-Michael Boxer


"But, what is a good product without service. This is where Kayak Sport really shines. Being a small paddler, I have special needs for a good fit. My friends at Kayak Sport have accommodated me with a shorter seat, and a longer footbrace with no additional charge. They have swapped out paddle blades for me and my friends when the fit wasn't just right, again with no additional charge. From their website, to their products to their service, they are all world class. they aren't satisfied until you are satisfied."



"There are 2 key issues that I look for when buying a high end kayak: good service and knowledge of the product. Mike is the best I have worked with."

-Barry Jones


"As for the service from Mike at Kayak Sport Canada, its simply not possible to overstate how helpful and considerate he has been. Its not every day you start by looking to buy something, and end up with exactly what you need plus a new friend!"

-Murray Tough